Jiangnan Heavy Industry won 3 sets LEG ship tank ship orders

Recently, the boat Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and German ships TGE Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a 3 ship sets of 12,000 cubic meters of liquefied ethylene gas (LEG) tank ship construction contracts. Contract documents clearly the scope of work between the two sides, drawing material supply time and payment conditions.
The 3 sets of 12,000 cubic meters LEG ship tanks signed this time, each ship set includes 3 single tanks and 1 deck tank, the total weight of which is about 1000 tons. It is reported that the liquid tank is the "fist product" of Jiangnan Heavy Industry. This year and next year is the concentrated period of liquid tank delivery. The overall production task is heavy. To this end, the company's various departments closely cooperate to overcome difficulties and steadily promote liquid tank production. .

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