Wu Shipu's first shield machine, "Ende No. 1" passed the acceptance

On November 13, Wuhan Shipbuilding's first shield machine, "Ende No. 1" passed the factory acceptance.
"Fenjin No.1" is a cooperation mode of Wuhan Ship Machinery with "introduction of technology, cooperative manufacturing, and joint brand". Based on the comprehensive introduction, digestion and absorption of Japanese IHI shield technology, the selection and design of Wuhan geological structure are carried out. It will be used for the construction of the third section of Wuhan Metro Line 3, which is a large-scale complete set of equipment with high technical content and high added value.
In March 2013, Wuhan Ship Machinery adhered to the concept of serving Wuhan municipal construction, seized the opportunity of Wuhan railway construction, and signed the first earth pressure balance shield machine supply contract with China Railway Seventh Bureau Group Wuhan Engineering Co., Ltd. Construction machine. From the date of signing the contract, the members of the Wuhan Ship Machinery Shield Machine Project Team are working hard to make progress. They are only striving for the progress of the disasters, focusing on technical priorities and difficulties, while digesting and absorbing, developing and producing, and solving one A technical problem, successfully completed the development and production of the first shield machine. In recognition of their outstanding contributions to Wuhan's track construction, in the morning, the Wuhan Municipal Federation of Trade Unions went to the company's shield machine acceptance site and awarded the title of “Wuhan Worker Pioneer” to the shield machine project team. Jin Yun, the person in charge of technology, and Gao Xiaohua, the production and assembly staff, awarded the “Wuhan May 1st Labor Medal”.

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