A water supply station in Sichuan was dumped by a water tank and drastically reduced the daily water supply by 3,000 tons.

A water supply station in Sichuan was transferred to the pool to collect water from a corpse and the daily water supply drastically reduced 3000 tons of diesel generators | diesel generator prices / 2012-07-18

Water station pond corpse? Police investigation: purely rumors
Residents of Enyang Town line up to buy water, and the daily water supply at the water supply station drastically decreases by 3,000 tons.
Police investigation
The rumored “seven baby sons” who are rumoured by the Internet are working in Bazhong District.
“Doesn't you dare to eat the dead bodies in the water pool of the Enyang Town Water Company in Bazhou District?” On the morning of July 16, the Pakistan-China Forum post was like a stone on a calm water surface, affecting rapidly. As a result of the proliferation, the residents of Enyang Street were panicked and the water supply of the water company dropped by 3,000 tons in one day.
Yesterday, the Pazhou District Public Security Bureau replied that after investigation, the content of the net post was purely a rumor, and the influence was extremely bad. The police were tracing the source of the rumor and would seriously pursue the legal responsibility of the culprit. At present, rumours have basically subsided, and local water supply is gradually returning to normal.
Net posts: pool sinks dead bodies
At 10:12 a.m. on the 16th, a net quote from the Pakistan-China Forum titled “Are You Neyang Water Company Recalling the Dead Man Found in the Pool?” caught the attention of netizens. The posting person "Miss Red Plum" said: "In recent days, the town of Enyang has made a lot of noises. It is said that in your company's pool for the drinking water of the entire town, a man's body was found and it has started to rot and the residents of the town have been drinking. The water that soaked the body was vomiting. Was this thing? Please reply!” A minute later, “Miss Red Plum” republished: It is said that the deceased was a person called “Seven Wages”.
Impact: Daily water supply drops by 3,000 tons
"Is this post about to have noses and eyes? Do you say that you are not afraid?" Yesterday, the uncle Wang who lived in Xinyang Street of Nyang Town told Huaxi Dushi Bao, the day the net post was issued, the news was uploaded in the town. Residents Everyone is at risk. Tap water was not used, and Uncle Wang went to a bottled water business department to buy water and found that the residents who bought water lined up in long lines. According to the responsible person of a branded bottled water business department, he was able to take away around 30 barrels at ordinary times, and sent more than 100 barrels on the 16th day. This is also the case in the other four operating departments.
As the protagonist of the rumors, the phone at the water station in Enyang was detonated. The station manager Deng Yi said that the water supply station provided water to more than 60,000 residents in the town. The amount of water used per day was about 4,000 square meters. After the appearance of the net post, the water supply was once reduced to 1,000 square meters, which was 3,000 tons less than usual.
Investigation: "Death" is working in Pakistan
"It's completely ridiculous." Deng Yi was very angry at the internet. According to its introduction, the capacity of the Enyang Water Plant's reservoir is more than 800 square meters. Although the pool is not sealed, there is a wall with a height of nearly 3 meters around it. Outsiders cannot enter it. The factory is on duty 24 hours a day. Every hour, staff members enter the tour. It is impossible for anyone to fall in and not be discovered. The water supply station immediately reported to the police and made a report to the town party committee's government. Subsequently, the water supply station issued an announcement stating that the tap water it supplied was safe and in line with industry standards.
At 11 o'clock yesterday morning, the Public Security Bureau of Bazhou District posted a post saying that after field inspections and investigations, none of the ponds, inlet and outlet channels (tubes), and water pick-up areas of the Enyang Water Supply Company had found dead bodies and dead bodies of any animals; the Enyang Police Station Did not receive related alarms. The so-called "seven baby boys" of the dead,
It is a male surnamed Wang, who is 31 years old this year. He is a member of the Xiaoguan village of Enyang town. Now he works in Bazhong district.
After the incident, the party committee of the town party committee negotiated urgently and immediately sent various community and neighborhood committee cadres to publicize the rumor in various communities and streets. Yesterday, the town's water supply had returned to normal levels. According to related police sources in Bazhou, the rumors spread widely and the impact was extremely bad. The public security authorities are currently tracing the source and will be held accountable for the culprits.
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