He Guoqiang: The development of energy and chemical projects in Inner Mongolia should integrate resource development with grassland ecological protection.

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China National Drying Network News He Guoqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, successively inspected the energy and chemical projects in Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier, Hohhot, Erdos and other places, and requested Inner Mongolia to develop energy and chemical projects to integrate resource development with grassland ecological protection. To get up, to promote the steady and rapid development of the local economy, to greet the victory of the 18th Party Congress with outstanding results. He Guoqiang requested Inner Mongolia to earnestly implement the general principle of the Central Committee's steady progress, and maintain stable and rapid economic development. In the first half of the year, the national economy is in line with the central government's macroeconomic regulation and control goals. However, it must also attach great importance to the economic down-draft pressure and some contradictions and problems reflected in economic operations. We must strive to maintain a stable and rapid development of Inner Mongolia's economy and realize its full-year forecast. development Goals.

Relying on abundant resources such as coal, natural gas, and mineral resources, as well as the advantages of connecting the northeast, north, and northwestern regions, Inner Mongolia has developed into an important energy and chemical industry base in China in recent years. How to better combine the development and utilization of resources with the protection of the ecological environment is a major issue related to the overall economic and social development in Inner Mongolia.

In Hulunbeier City Jinxin Chemical Co., Ltd., He Guoqiang had an in-depth understanding of the advanced coal gasification technology and chemical fertilizer production processes. The person in charge of the company further increased scientific and technological research and development, mastered core technologies, and played a leading role in the comprehensive utilization of coal resources. He Guoqiang hopes that the local government will vigorously develop coal-fired, coal chemical, and coal environmental protection industries that are closely related to coal, support enterprise technological innovation, extend the industrial chain, increase added value, and continuously transform resource advantages into industrial advantages, competitive advantages, and development advantages. .

At the production site of Shenhua Baoji Hiller Energy Co., Ltd., He Guoqiang learned in detail about coal reserves, mining processes, and ecological protection. He Guoqiang encouraged them to do a good job in the overall planning, coordinate the development and utilization of energy resources and protect the ecological environment in this article, and realize the organic unity of economic benefits, social benefits, and ecological benefits.

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