China's plastic dehydration dryer has not been able to meet customer demand

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China Drying Network News With the increasingly fierce competition in the plastic recycling materials market, the requirements for the quality and performance of plastic dewatering dryers by reclaimed plastics manufacturers have become higher and higher, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. At the same time, due to the continuous application of new technologies and new processes, a variety of new dewatering machines have been listed one after another. The plastic dewatering machines currently produced by some manufacturers are no longer able to meet the needs of customers. The design and quality of the dewatering machine have directly hampered the survival and development of dewatering machine enterprises.

In order to adapt to the current situation, plastic dehydrator manufacturers need to introduce some advanced domestic and international mechanical design concepts to improve the design level of enterprises and provide customers with better dehydrator products. At the same time, plastic dewatering machine manufacturers should scientifically formulate development plans and sales plans for mechanical equipment according to the needs of their own business development, correctly predict the market prospects of newly-developed dehydrator equipment, and provide customers with better and more practical dewatering machines.

At present, some manufacturers of plastic dehydration dryers are blindly pursuing the low cost of equipment and relying on the attractiveness of low prices to develop the plastic dehydrator market is not desirable. Blindly purchasing some inexpensive equipment not only brings losses to plastic cleaning companies, but also destroys plastics. The reputation of the dewatering machine manufacturer has caused customers to doubt the manufacturer and lose trust. For plastic dewatering machine manufacturers, these losses are greater than those of dewatering machines. So dewatering machine manufacturers should continue to improve the production process, use technology to improve productivity, increase productivity, in order to reduce the price of equipment.

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Plastic dehydration drying equipment

The plastic dehydration dryer is a device for automatic material extraction and dehydration after crushing and cleaning of plastics. It is mainly used in the final processes after cycle rough washing, crushing and cleaning, and rinsing to replace manual extraction, and increase the level of cleaning and automatic high-speed dehydration function. The dehydration rate can reach 90%, thus achieving the significant purpose of saving labor, improving the cleaning quality, and saving power consumption. At the same time, it can be matched with the automatic conveying device to form a higher-level automated assembly line production.

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