Manufacturing has once again become a focus of development in all countries

The current smart manufacturing is leading the reform of manufacturing methods and the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and has become the commanding height of the new round of global manufacturing competition. At the same time, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things have gradually emerged, bringing new transformation ideas and new development opportunities to manufacturing companies in various countries.
Intelligent manufacturing has become the core strategy for all countries. Manufacturing is the pillar of the national economy and the source of economic growth in a country. Without a strong and innovative manufacturing system, no economy can achieve prosperity and development. Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, all manufacturing industries in the world have faced difficulties such as shrinking market demand and decline in output value. Challenges such as increased customer demand, shorter and shorter delivery terms, low energy consumption and high resource utilization have forced the manufacturing industry to face challenges. To upgrade and upgrade. Therefore, countries propose the use of information technology to enhance the national-level strategy and planning for the development of traditional manufacturing industries, such as the United States' "Advanced Manufacturing Country Strategic Technology", Germany's "Industry 4.0", Japan's "Technology Industry Alliance", and Britain's "Industry 2050". The strategy "China's "Made in China 2025" and so on, manufacturing has become a must-win battlefield for all countries in the new round of technological revolution and industrial change.
Intelligent Manufacturing Accelerated China's Transition from a Manufacturing Power to a Manufacturing Powerhouse In May 2015, China introduced the “Made in China 2025,” a mid-to-long-term development strategic plan for manufacturing powerhouses, and fully implemented the strategy implementation to promote China’s manufacturing powers, adhering to new drivers, intelligent transformation, and strengthening. Basic and green development, vigorously promote breakthrough development in key areas, and actively develop service-oriented manufacturing and producer services. The development of China’s manufacturing industry has formed a top-down external joint force with a promising future.
The Internet of Things is a basic Internet of Things manufactured in China for 2025. It is one of China's key strategically emerging industries and an important foundation for China's manufacturing of 2025, Industry 4.0 and smart cities. China-made 2025 requires the support of the Internet of Things. The application of the Internet of Things is not just a marriage with the manufacturing industry, but more important is the subversive manufacturing mode. The trend of cross-border integration and service-oriented manufacturing is also becoming increasingly significant.
Huishan District has achieved remarkable results in the Internet of Things+manufacturing area as a model region. It is also a successful case. Huishan took the lead in launching the three-year smart manufacturing project in the province and set up the province's first intelligent service alliance, preliminarily clarifying intelligence. The specific elements of demonstration production lines, smart demonstration workshops, and smart demonstration plants, as of the end of last year, Huishan District identified a total of 1 smart factory, 5 smart workshops, 15 smart production lines, and 8 smart equipment. Huishan also accelerated the construction of “Huishan District Industry, MES Cloud Platform” and also hosted the Internet of Things+China Manufacturing 2025 Summit Forum, aiming at in-depth discussions on the development of the Internet of Things technology through keynote speeches by experts and scholars and elite dialogues. Explore the IoT + China manufacturing development model and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Huishan traditional manufacturing has a greater role in promoting.
China's manufacturing industry and the industrial revolution have formed a historic intersection, and breakthroughs in innovation will surely usher in major opportunities. Our lives will also undergo earth-shaking changes.

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