Feel the Internet of Things bring change in daily life 5G unmanned really have a refrigerator can help you open the recipe

The future, to buy what dishes, do not you think hard, the refrigerator will give you advice; hungry, drone for takeaway delivery brother. Rainy rain, clothes, pants are not enough how to do? Internet of Things self-service washing machine can not only self-service laundry, but also drying, sterilization; future travel, not only the scenery on the road will not be missed, 5G driverless is more secure ... Yesterday, the World Internet Expo held in Wuxi, Taihu International Expo Center "black technology" gathered, dazzling. Modern Express · ZAKER Nanjing live, causing the technical house who crowd.

Modern Express / ZAKER Nanjing correspondent

Jinfeng Hu Yumei

Refrigerator can open recipes, drone can send takeout

As a family "cook" woman, Modern Express reporter often worry about what to buy food? Every morning early in the morning, the first thing is to open the refrigerator to check what ingredients, and then racked their brains want to buy what dishes.

Now, this kind of thing to the refrigerator on the line. In the "Internet of Things Applications and Products Exhibition", the United States brought a smart refrigerator group attracted a lot of people's attention. Refrigerator door, close to two two-dimensional code.

Opened, which is stored in a small grid, used to store a variety of foods. On the surface, this refrigerator has nothing in common with an ordinary refrigerator. However, on-site staff reminded that "the refrigerator and the phone are interconnected, the owner swept the two-dimensional code on the refrigerator, the caring service came.It will be based on the owner to save the food, friendship remind each of how to put, and According to family members, helping the owner to analyze recipes, children, the elderly need what kind of nutrition, what dishes, it will give a reference menu.If the egg in the refrigerator is not enough, it will remind the owner to go!

Now more and more take-out, but many people complain that take-away brother always on time. Mobile booth in China, 5G drones brighten people. Field staff said that because the UAV is "5G", so the signal is strong to no friends, you can remotely control the task quickly and accurately. The future, 5G drones to send meals, not only to avoid traffic congestion, but also very tall.

Book a washing machine with a mobile phone self-service laundry

Many college students complain that they always hold a lot of clothes to the laundry room and find that the washing machine is occupied by other students and they are particularly curious about the rainy weather.

In China Telecom's exhibition area, IoT washing machine can help students solve the troubles of washing clothes.

This washing machine and mobile phone associated, as well as the corresponding public number. Students download the appropriate APP, you can see "I want to laundry," point, you can book a washing machine. "Students can choose the appropriate laundry laundry. Into the reservation link, according to the clothes of the material, the number of clothes to customize, if not many clothes, choose small pieces." Field staff said that after booking, you can through the WeChat Pay the appropriate fees, and other clothes into the washing machine, point to start on it. After washing clothes, but also self-drying, self-sterilization, safety, caring.

At the scene, a parent questioned, if this student forgot to make an appointment, the washing machine will always be empty?

On-site staff said that in order to avoid this situation, the appointment of students have 10 minutes booking rights, if after 10 minutes, is considered to be automatically abandoned, the next student can make an appointment.

Such things networking self-service washing machines, has been in Nanjing, Beijing, many colleges and universities "posts".

5G network, making unmanned a reality

In China Mobile booth, the use of car networking technology, a bright red "F1" car, drew everyone's crowd. A young man sitting in the cab, a large screen in front of the car, showing the track. He was driving "F1" in place, but once inadvertently driving, hit the roadside, the entire vehicle was also shocked. "There are 5 smart terminals in this car," a staff member said. The car combines automatic driving with manual driving. During production, the TBOX terminal is fitted with an internal dashboard, which is equivalent to a car "Black box." In addition, there is an intelligent terminal that monitors the vehicle's dashboard and tire pressure.

Some young people like drag racing, in fact, the vehicle after the factory, the car will also install a driver's driving behavior of the terminal. The car's rearview mirrors, but also extraordinary, staff introduction, the owner just say where to go, the rearview mirror voice recognition system can start the navigation system. It is understood that 300,000 users in Jiangsu have installed this system.

In Hangzhou Yunzun town, automatic tracking function, has been used in Roewe cars. Modern Express reporter saw in a figure-eight orbit, three unmanned car is driving at high speed. Staff introduction, 5G network environment, ultra-low latency and ultra-reliable communication capabilities, allowing the control system with millisecond-level accuracy control and steering the car so that unmanned vehicles in the future really become a reality.

In Alibaba Pavilion, parked two cool cars, one of them there are unmanned aerial vehicles. On-site staff said that the two cars, "black technology" a lot, drivers can not only drive while, you can also send a password, so that the drone to capture the scenery, so will not miss any beauty on the road .

The trajectory of the vaccine is monitored at all times

In Wisdom Medical Experience Zone, Wuxi CDC staff showed Modern Express reporter a screen showing that a child was vaccinated against influenza A vaccine. The vaccine came from Jiangyin CDC and the vaccine storage time was 2016 July 15, September this year, shipped to Zhouzhuang CDC. At the same time, the vaccine production unit is also displayed on the screen.

Interestingly, alongside these data, two wavy patterns are also shown. "The vaccine starts at the manufacturer's delivery, goes to the CDC and enters the community center, where the temperature of the cold chain can be traced back all the way." The staff member said the temperature at the time of vaccine storage was 2-8 degrees Celsius and if the monitoring system found the temperature Exceeds or power off, will be sent to the monitoring staff mobile phone, staff can also view the real-time vaccine temperature curve changes.

Center Seaming Machine

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•The label is widely used in packing beverage, food , batteries, cap , chemical industry, cosmetics, etc.

•The machine works more stably and efficiently because of excellent tension control system ,intelligent gluing system and reasonable design of mechanical structure .

•It is necessary equipment in shrink sleeve label production.

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