Acid extraction of vanadium pentoxide

First, the process

Ore crushing→ball milling→acid leaching→solid-liquid separation→pretreatment→extraction and extraction of vanadium →red vanadium pyrolysis→vanadium pentoxide.

The stone coal vanadium ore is crushed and wet-ball milled to a particle size of -60 mesh, accounting for more than 80%, and then continuously stirred with sulfuric acid, which accounts for 15% of the ore mass. The temperature is 85 ° C, the liquid solid product mass ratio (0.85 to 1): 1, vanadium is four. The valence form is transferred to the solution. After solid-liquid separation, stacking slag, after pretreatment solution to P 204 + TBP + sulphonated coal oil as extraction agent, the half-box 7 countercurrent extraction, and then 1 ~ 1. 5mol / L sulfuric acid was back-extracted with 5, A vanadium-containing solution having a mass concentration of 80 to 120 g/L is obtained, and red vanadium (ammonium polyvanadate) is obtained by heating and oxidation precipitation, and red vanadium is heated and decomposed at 550 ° C to obtain vanadium pentoxide.

Second, the process principle and application

Vanadium Vanadium stone coal ore portion of the territory of the Shan County substituted six coordinated mica isomorphous to form trivalent aluminum present in the crystal lattice mica mica formula {K (Al, V) 2 [AlSi 3 O 10 ](OH) 2 }, if vanadium is leached from the mica, the mica structure must be destroyed, so this part of the vanadium is difficult to leach. The mica structure is directly destroyed by acid, that is, under a certain temperature and acidity, hydrogen ions are introduced into the mica lattice to replace A1 3+ , and the ionic radius is changed to release vanadium. Vanadium is oxidized to tetravalent and then dissolved with acid. The reaction formula is:

(V 2 O 3 )·x+2H 2 SO 4 +1/2O 2 →

V 2 O 2 (SO 4 ) 2 +4H 2 O+x,

V 2 O 2 (OH) 4 +2H 2 SO 4 →

V 2 O 2 (SO 4 ) 2 +4H 2 O,

The result is a blue vanadium sulphate solution which is subjected to subsequent treatment to obtain a vanadium pentoxide product.

The process has been widely used in more than 10 vanadium processing plants in Shanyang County, Shaanxi Province, with a total yield of 65% to 71% and a production cost of 5.5 to 68,000 yuan/t. Waste from Fe 2+, Fe 3+, A1 3+ and other metal ions by oxidation, precipitation, filtration, clarification removed, ammonia nitrogen by adjusting the pH, heating, stripping can remove 90% waste can be recycled; No harmful gases are produced during the production process and there is no pollution to the atmosphere.

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