How to Solve the Problem of Weak Signal in Wireless Surveillance System

The problem of weak signal appears in the wireless monitoring system is a relatively common problem, many users suddenly encountered such a situation in the construction site, it will be very scared, the first reaction is a problem with the hardware facilities. Even wired networks cannot avoid this occasional occurrence. When this kind of problem occurs, we must calmly analyze the problem and find a solution to the problem. It is not necessarily a hardware problem. In many cases, it is in the use of small links, negligence in the use of small details, or the use of Caused by improper operation. We make the following analysis on this issue.

One must try to find ways to keep the transmission environment open and clear. Because the wireless signal travels in a straight line, it does not have the ability to diffract and penetrate. If an obstacle is encountered during transmission, the signal strength of the wireless communication will be weakened or the signal will not be received. Especially for metal obstacles or buildings, the wireless signal will have a very large degree of attenuation or even no signal at all. Therefore, when setting up a wireless monitoring system, the equipment should be set up as high as possible to avoid blocking, and it is impossible to avoid the option of relaying.

Second, adjust the angle between the transmitter and receiver of the wireless bridge. All wireless bridges use antennas for transmission. Therefore, the antenna angles of the wireless bridges must not only be horizontally aligned, but also must be well-aligned to ensure communication within their signal range. When adjusting the angle of the antenna, we can go to the system to see the signal strength, gently adjust the first level, the signal strength is stronger and then slowly adjust to that direction, if weaker, adjust in the opposite direction. After adjusting the horizontal angle, finely adjust the upper and lower angles.

Third, the 2.4GHz band wireless bridge more interference, to try to avoid and reduce the interference of the equipment. As with all wireless communications, wireless networks are also subject to interference from other electromagnetic waves. The working frequency band of IEEE802.11b/g/n standard is 2.4GHz, and there are many devices working in this frequency band. For example, radios, radiotelephones, microwave ovens, and Bluetooth headsets that are frequently seen work in the 2.4GHz frequency band, so that they interact with each other. The situation of interference is more serious.

When there is a strong magnetic field nearby, the wireless network will definitely be affected. If there are a large number of signal interference problems in the user's wireless bridge's use environment, but can not avoid and reduce the interference of other devices, it is recommended to select the 5.8GHz band bridge in combination with the actual application environment. The 5.8GHz band is relatively pure and interference-free. .

Fourth, according to the actual distance to choose the right wireless bridge, if you can not choose, you can tell your actual situation of professional monitoring of the wireless Lean technology personnel, we will provide you with a suitable wireless monitoring equipment. Many customers have a misunderstanding that they believe that the greater the gain of the antenna, the better. Under normal circumstances, when it is necessary to carry out long-distance data transmission and the strength of the signal is required to be ensured, an antenna with a large gain value should be selected, and the transmission distance is short. For wireless networks, you can choose an antenna with a small gain.

5. Determine if the transmission distance is within the bridge's rated transmission distance. Some users have too long transmission distances, and there will be too weak signals. This is the time to see what the first equipment is. For example, if the equipment is transmitted within a distance of 3 kilometers and is used at a distance of 5 kilometers, the equipment must be replaced.

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