Hot Sale Chopping and Mixing Machine Series

Model NO.: JX-ZB40, 80, 125, 200, 330, 525
Trademark: jinxiang
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: 2600*1700*1300mm
Origin: Fuzhou China
HS Code: 84385000


This machine has two nds of specifications, one is equipped with a hydralic feeding, one is not , all use of variable frequency speed configuration .

This variable frequency speed choppe&mix machine is indispensable with dealing Rice-meat dumplings meatballs, fish balls, Taiwan sausage and other meat products . The machine feeding, discharging, open cover are used hydraulic control. Stable operation, high yield, good quality, low temperature.

This variable frequency speed chop&mix machine can not only be finally chop meat, fat,such major raw materials,  but also mix other accessories: water, ice, spices and other additives and ingredients into a homogeneous emulsion. The emulsification can greatly enhance the density and elasticity of the product. 

This variable frequency speed chop&mix machine can choose six shift frequency cutter and Three shift frequency spin pot to meet the requirements of the product within the specified speed by determine the number of revolutions per shift.

Food contact parts of the machine are made of 304 stainless steel, easy to operate, stable and reliable.

MODEL JX-ZB40 JX-ZB80 JX-ZB125 JX-ZB200 JX-ZB2330 JX-ZB525
CAPACITY 20-30KG/T 40-50KG/T 100KG/T 180KG/T 300KG/T 500KG/T
VOLUME 40L 80L 125L 200L 330L 525L
POWER 6.25KW 15KW 25.5KW 48.3KW 58.7KW 79.4KW
KNIFE SPEED 1800/3600 1800/3600 3600/4000 360/3600 300/3600 300/2700
THE POT SPEED 12R/MIN 8/12R/MIN 9/14R/MIN 9/14R/MIN 6/10R/MIN 5/12R/MIN
OUTLINE DEMENSION 1245*810* 1095 2300*1020* 1196 2400*1700* 1260 2600*1700* 1300 3000*2100* 1450 3500*2200* 1500
WEIGHT Approximate 480KG Approximate 1100KG Approximate 1800KG Approximate 3600KG Approximate 4500KG Approximate 5600KG

Hot Sale Chopping and Mixing Machine Series


The air-to-Oil Cooler is mainly used in various equipments that use petroleum, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc. as heat medium to achieve the purpose of cooling the high-temperature oil passing through the heat exchanger through air-cooling.

Advantages: Strong corrosion resistance, compact structure, small footprint, and high degree of customization.various air-cooled drive modes, DC motor, AC motor, hydraulic motor, air motor, special explosion-proof motor, etc., better to choose the appropriate drive mode according to industrial environmental factors, without the help of external cooling medium, lower The hardware requirements can be used to cool the oil and ultimately ensure the benign operation of the equipment.

Applications: Construction machinery engines, hydraulic transmission equipment, air compressors, production and processing equipment, industrial spraying equipment, electrical equipment, generator sets, marine equipment, wind power equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc. 

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