LDPE Film Plastic Pellet Production Line/Plastic Granulator

Model NO.: TSE
Customized: Customized
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008
Condition: New
Model No: Tse 65
Capacity: 200-300kg/H
Screw Design: Double
Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: 220V/380V
Color: Requiremet
Export Markets: Global
Material: PP PE PVC Pet PC
Keywords: Twin Screw Extruder
Motor: Siemens
Trademark: kairong
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: CE, ISO9001
Origin: Nanjing, Jiangsu
HS Code: 8477209000

Product Description
1. Plastic pellet machine extruder Parameter

Model Diameter L/D Screw rotary Motor Power Torque Capacity
 TSE-40B 41mm   32-52 600r/min  30kw  239  90-150kg/h 
 TSE-52B  51.5mm  32-56  600r/min  55kw  438  225-300kg/ 
 TSE-65B 62.4mm  32-60  600r/min  90kw  716  200-300kg/h 
 TSE-75B  71mm   32-64   600r/min   132kw  1050   300-600kg/h 
 TSE-95B  93mm   32-64   600r/min   250kw  2387  800-1200kg/h 

2. Representative Materials Working Capability Schedule Of
TSE 75 Series Co-rotating twin screw extruder (Reference Values)
Process Representative materials
Mixing nature-changing PE/ PP/ PS+SBS; PA+EPDM; PP+NBR;
EVA +Silicon rubber, etc.
  PE/ PA/ PC/ CPE+ABS(alloy);
PBT+PET; PP+ PE, etc.
Filling nature-changing PE/ PP/ EVA, ect.
+ Calcium carbonate/ talcum powder/ titanic powder;
ABS/PC/PS, etc.
+aluminum hydroxide/ magnesium hydroxide/ antimony oxide. 
  PP/ PA/ ABS+ ferrous powder/ sulphuric powder/ ceramic powder
Functional machine pellets PP/ PA/ ABS/ PBT, etc+ anti-burning agent 
and other auxiliary agents: combustion-supporting machine pellets
  PE/ PP/ PS, etc+ starch: de-composing machine pellets
  PE+ fog-preventing dipper, stabilizer: dual-prevention machine pellets
  PE/ EVA/ ABS, etc.+ carbon black; black machine pellets
Colored machine pellets PE/ PP/ ABS/ AS/ PA/ EVA/ PET +pigment and auxiliary
Intensified glass fibres
 and carbon fibres
+ long fires/ small fibres/ carbon fibres/ crystals and so on, etc.

3. TSE Series Twin Screw Plastic Extruder Machine Product Display :
TSE-52B engineering plastic compounding extruder
PP PE HDPE Granulating Plastic Twin Screw Extruder

TSE-65B pet food making machine
PP PE HDPE Granulating Plastic Twin Screw Extruder
4. Characteristics and spare parts of the extrusion machine
1.The gearbox
·  New-style project of parallel three-axises driving makes the convey axis, convey chain, decelerate and the torque assignment get together, which keep it compact, and the key bearings are imported.
· The select material of drive components is dainty, including super intension alloy cementiteing steel, cementiting and quenching, gear grinding technics, strengthening of tooth face. So they can ensure high torque, high precision and low noise.
· Soakage and coerce lubrication integrate smoothly. When the hydraulic circuit is over pressed, it alarms.
2.The feeding system
· Metering feeders are equipped with single screw, twin screw, hollow screw, forced-feeding, side feeding, liquid-adding system,etc.
· The screw elements and then kneading blocks are designed accurately, by precise processed, agile combination, with interchangeability, which can fulfill efficient self-cleaning, transmission, compounding, pressure-forming.
· The screw material is made of high tool steel 38CrMoALA or W6Mo5Cr4V2 by special heat-treament.
4.The barrel       
· Eurostyle rectangle barrel, reflux refrigeration is optimized and disposed, which makes temperature difference in C areas smaller.
· According to the material and special techinics demands, the material of cylinder can use high quality nitrided steel, corrosion proof or antifriction with corresponding process.
5.The heater
· Innovated design of heater tightened style insures high efficiency of heat transfer and high longervity of heater.
· Variou modes of pelletizing, such as water-cooling strand, air-cooling pelletizing, water-ring pelletizing, under water pelleting, etc.
PP PE HDPE Granulating Plastic Twin Screw Extruder
Work Line
PP PE HDPE Granulating Plastic Twin Screw Extruder
Packaging & Shipping
Our twin screw extruder machine is fisrt painted with anticorrosive oil, and then wrapped in the plastic film before it is finally packed in the wooden case.
PP PE HDPE Granulating Plastic Twin Screw Extruder
   Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional sales team, personal contact with customers, regular reminders and solve installation, maintenance, repair and other problems encountered by customers in the mechanical operation of the equipment failure analysis and quick to do the maintenance program, in any country and region can get our professional and technical personnel of the most timely and quality service.
• Introduce products in detail   • Recommend suitable solution   • Offer test
During manufacturing
• Provide layout and engineering conditions   • Offer screw plan and related documents
• Inform the project processing status   • Insure the product designed in accordance with technical document
• Provide installation, commissioning and training   • Offer spare parts
• Provide necessary technical support and update information.
Company Information
      Nanjing HaiSi Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd is a High-Tech company, which is composed of well-experienced team in R&D, manufacturing technique, sales service and basing on extruder industry for many years. Our company is a professional manufacture of high quality pelletizing extruders for coloring/ dyeing and master batch production, as well as plastic modification and compounding, plastic recycling. Innovation machines are built as per the concept of durability, high efficiency and economical power consumption.
1. Q: How about Haisi? 
    R: Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech company. Our firm is composed of a strong team which has substantial experience in R&D, manufacture, technique and service, and has specialized in extruder industry for ten years, leading screw barrel manufacturer in China.
2. Q: What is the MOQ?
    R: We are the manufacturer of extruder machine. Also we provide the whole set of plastic pellet production line solution. So you can also buy spare parts and auxiliaries of the extruder in our company.
3. Q: What's the delivery time?
    R: Usually the processing period is around 50 days. Before you place the order or before we send it out, we warmly welcom you come to visit and check the extruder!
4. Q: Where is Haisi factory and how to reach there?
    R: At Lishui, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. If you want to visit us, we can pick you up in the airpor or train station.
5. Q: How to contact with us?
R: Plz send an inquiry to me directly if you have any question.

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