This year, China's LED lighting industry output value will increase 58

Analysts expect the total output value of China's LED industry in 2013 to reach 263.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28. Among them, the output value of LED upstream epitaxial chips, midstream packaging, and downstream applications were 8.4 billion yuan, 47.3 billion yuan, and 208.1 billion yuan respectively, up 17 years ago. 19, 31. Authorities expect that the output value of China's LED lighting industry will increase by 58 in 2014, reaching 180 billion yuan.
Recently, a number of listed companies announced the 2013 performance report, confirming the hot market of the LED lighting market last year. Since the second quarter of 2013, the downstream LED lighting market demand exceeded the expected scale, directly driving the mid-stream device packaging and upstream chip, epitaxial wafer capacity release and utilization, and the trend of LED boom is further established.
Some institutions believe that China's energy conservation and emission reduction situation will be severe in the next few years. In the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, the industry with the most certain growth is the first to promote the LED industry. The agency expects global LED lighting to grow by 90 in 2014. China will be The main production base of global LED lighting.
According to the Securities Times, in 2014, investors such as funds and private placements are preparing for the new year. In the context of the recovery of the LED industry, fund companies such as Southern Fund, GF Fund and Golden Eagle Fund have been intensive recently. Investigate listed companies in the LED industry.

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