The principle, function and classification of flotation-activator

The activator acts to form a film on the surface of the mineral that promotes the action of the collector . It is generally considered to have the following effects.

(1) inhibiting a surface film, such as dissolved minerals, iron hydroxide film surface pyrite, which hinder collector inhibitory effect film, with sulfuric acid as the activator processing, the film can be dissolved iron hydroxide inhibitory Therefore, it is beneficial to the yellow egg to collect the pyrite.

(2) due to the exchange or replacement of a chemical adsorption reaction to form an activated surface film sparingly soluble in mineral acid, such as by activation of the copper had not suppressed sphalerite, and Cu2 + is due to the copper sulfate and zinc blende crystal of The displacement reaction of Zn2+ in the lattice:

As a result, a layer of easily floatable copper sulfide film is formed on the surface of the sphalerite, which has similar floatability to copper blue CuS.

Another example sodium sulfide used as activators white lead and copper oxide ore, oxide ore sulfide film layer formed on the surface, this film of a sulfide flotation of sulphide minerals and similar. Sulfation reaction of sodium sulfide to malachite:

Sulfation reaction of sodium sulfide to white lead ore:

(3) Eliminating the harmful effects of inhibitory ions in the slurry. For example, Cu2+ of copper sulfate precipitates or complexes the CN-, SO32-plasma which inhibits the pulp, and then forms an activation film on the surface of the mineral.

It should be noted that in many cases, the activator interacts with the collector to form a poorly soluble chemical which both reduces the activation of the activator and undesirably consumes the collector. Therefore, when the agent is added, an activator is added first, and then the collector is added, and the amount of the activator is strictly controlled.

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