The life gate of Jiangxi lighting industry is logistics

In the past two years, the lighting industry in Jiangxi has been very lively. At least, many places have created flags such as creating a second light city, an international lighting city or a new lighting industry base. In the past, cities such as Zhangzhou, Ji'an, Xinyu, Xingan, Yifeng, Wanzhan and Wuning have built lighting cities or industrial bases on a large scale or on a small scale. Investment advertisements from all over the country can be seen everywhere in the industry media, the ancient town of Dengdu, or the expressway. This is a strange and worthwhile phenomenon. Is it too dense to engage in the lighting industry in Jiangxi? Will it cause vicious competition? In Guangdong, as a distribution center for lighting products, there is only one Zhongshan ancient town, and other neighboring cities or towns and towns are also differentiated. They either engage in mahogany homes, or engage in clothing wholesale, or engage in decorative materials or food processing. In short, there is absolutely no second city like the ancient town to fully engage in the lighting and lighting industry. Jiangxi is everyone together, as long as it has not been investigated and researched. This topic is not pressed. In short, Jiangxi's lighting industry is now in full swing. The climate has become a new dry, Wan Zai, Wu Ning, can be described as three pillars. Because of work reasons, the author often goes to Jiangxi for a business trip. Most of the above-mentioned lighting industry places have been visited. Pressing the lighting city under construction does not say that the completion of the work or the basic completion of the lighting city, there is a phenomenon, that is, there are not many buyers, the big lighting city, are somewhat deserted. What caused this? In a nutshell, there was a problem with logistics. Of course, bad business is a comprehensive problem, and there may be a lot of reasons. But logistics is indeed a top priority, it can be said that it is the life gate of a lighting city. Take the ancient town as an example. There are many lighting markets in Guzhen. Only one Star Alliance Group has 10 lighting cities. The lighting city of Guzhen is subdivided into: integrated market (such as Times Square), professional market (such as LED trading center), and accessories market (such as Ruifeng accessories market). Whether it is a buyer from mainland China or a buyer from a foreign country, the lamps or accessories they purchase can be transported out by land, water or air. Why is it so convenient, because the town has hundreds of logistics companies, large and small, and the goods can easily reach all over the world. Convenient logistics, buyers are willing to come, we certainly can not take Jiangxi's newly built lighting city and the already very mature lamp town, but because Jiangxi is in the market of lighting city, it should pay more attention to logistics construction. Especially in the early stage of the market, we should be willing to give a bloody book, establish a logistics network extending in all directions in the province and radiate cargo passages across the country. Specifically, the logistics of the previous two to four years should be free of charge, and that is, one shipment is also delivered. First establish the reputation. In addition, the logistics must be widely used, and the distance can be far, so that the goods of the near and far buyers can be made. Only the convenience of the buyer, the people are willing to come, and use this place as a fixed procurement place and form a habit. Once the buyer has this habit, the market will get up. Of course, this is easy to say, but it takes a lot of determination to do it. Many developers don't understand this truth, but they just can't bear the money in their pockets, because this investment is too big, and the average developer is not willing to take the risk. To solve this problem, the government cannot stand by. Only the government and enterprises have made up their minds to get through the life gate of logistics.

SMMS Composite Nonwoven Line distributes polypropylene (PP) by two spunbond dies and two meltblown dies. Based on the advantages of SMS composite nonwoven machine, SMMS nonwoven machine produces greater output of nonwoven fabric, higher intensity of nonwoven fabric cover, better permeability of nonwoven fabric.

SMMS nonwoven machine

Main Parameters of SMMS Composite Non-woven Line:

Quantity of Die

Spunbond Unit: 2 sets

Meltblown Unit: 2 sets

Effective Width <mm>






Embossing Pattern





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SMMS Composite Nonwoven Line Series

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