Technology for extracting metal elements such as iron, magnesium and calcium from molybdenum beneficiation tailings

Tailings from the extraction of molybdenum metal in elemental iron, magnesium, calcium technology, belongs to the field of hydrometallurgical tailings and utilization technology. The specific method is as follows: the molybdenum beneficiation tailings is treated with hydrochloric acid solution to obtain an acid leaching solution, and the hydrogen peroxide solution is added with hydrogen peroxide solution to realize the complete oxidation of Fe 2+ to Fe 3+ , and the ammonia water is added dropwise to the solution to control the pH value to prepare coarse Fe ( OH) 3 precipitation; the crude Fe(OH) 3 is dissolved in acid, filtered, and then added with ammonia water for precipitation reaction, filtration, calcination at 750 ° C, to obtain Fe 2 O 3 product with purity greater than 98%; Add NaOH dropwise, and control the pH to remove impurity elements, continue to add NaOH, and control the pH to obtain Mg(OH) 2 product with purity greater than 83%; add Na 2 CO 3 to the magnesium precipitation filtrate to obtain purity greater than 97 % CaCO 3 product. The patented technology is fully liquid phase operation, no exhaust gas pollution, the tail liquid is mainly a mixture solution of NaCl and NaOH which is easy to handle; the recovery rates of iron, magnesium and calcium are more than 80%, and at the same time, molybdenum, tungsten and copper in tailings are realized. Enrichment of trace elements.

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