Secretary General of the National Development and Reform Commission: China's auto parts remanufacturing industry has a good prospect

Li Pumin, secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, stated on the 17th that the Chinese auto industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of over 10%. It is estimated that the domestic civil car ownership will reach 200 million by 2016. According to the development of developed countries' car ownership and remanufacturing industry, the Chinese auto parts remanufacturing industry will usher in a good market development prospect. .

Li Pumin made the remarks at the launching ceremony of the theme of "remanufacturing products (auto parts and components) into the auto parts city".

The re-manufacturing theme publicity activities were approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and co-sponsored by the China Economic Herald and other institutions. The event will be held on the theme of “Hand in Hand Auto Parts City to Promote Remanufacturing”. From November 17 to 28, it will be held in the four cities of Beijing, Jinan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen and Guangzhou (4S stores). Remanufactured products (auto parts and components) entered the Auto Parts City theme promotion day to promote remanufactured industry policies, technology, and industry development, allowing remanufactured products to penetrate the market.

Li Pumin stated that the development of recycling economy is a major strategic decision of China and is a major measure to implement the strategic plan for the Party's 18th National Congress to promote the construction of an ecological civilization. It is to speed up the transformation of the economic development model and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. The inevitable choice for sustainable development. The remanufacturing of auto parts is an important content and concrete practice for China to promote the development of circular economy. It is also an active and effective measure adopted by the automobile market in economically developed countries. Remanufacturing has become an important industry.

He stressed that he hopes that more industrial enterprises will have a deeper understanding of the state's industrial development policy on remanufacturing, and have further understanding of the important support for the establishment of a circular economy system in this industry, and actively join the remanufacturing industry. At the same time, it also hopes that more consumers will recognize remanufactured products and use remanufactured products. Through the joint efforts of countries, producers and consumers, we will actively build a healthy and orderly development of the remanufacturing industry market.

According to relevant experts, remanufacturing refers to the use of high-tech technology to professionally repair or upgrade old mechanical and electrical products to make them return to mass production processes that are as good as or better than new products.

A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and other five ministries and commissions issued the "Circular on Implementing the Pilot Project for Remanufacturing Remanufactured Products" to provide favorable support and promotion for further expanding the market share of remanufactured products.

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