Reducing fuel consumption is the key to ultra-wide single-tire trucks still non-mainstream

The widespread use of ultra-wide single tires in China is gradually recognized and accepted by owners of such wide-size tires. And it has been widely used on trailers in many dangerous goods areas. The extra-wide single tire can be used not only on the trailer, but also on the drive axle of the tractor. An extra-wide single tire can be used. Of course, the width of the tire is larger, generally 495 mm.

Dongfeng Tianlong is the earliest domestic truck with ultra-wide single tire

The advantages of using an extra-wide single tire have also been mentioned many times in previous articles, so what are the advantages of using a super single wheel on the drive axle? In the long-haul semi-trailer trains used in Europe, the common model is a tow 3 form, that is, a 4x2 tractor 3-axis trailer. In this combination train, if the drive axle uses a single-tire structure, the wheels of the entire car train will have different specifications. , Different models, different patterns of single round composition. While ensuring standard load strength, the friction coefficient between the tire and the ground during high-speed driving will be minimized to obtain the best fuel consumption.

From the viewpoint of energy conservation, the use of extra wide single tires not only reduces vehicle fuel consumption, but also reduces vehicle exhaust emissions. More importantly, the ultra-wide single-tire structure produces fewer tires than the traditional twin-tire structure of the primary tire, and the rim used for a single extra-wide tire is made of twin tires 4/ 5.

The super wide single tire drive axle tires can be seen from the European professional test report. When the same vehicle has the same total weight of the towing trailer, the same section of the road is tested at 1000 Km, compared to the semi-trailer with an extra wide single tire drive axle. The use of traditional twin-track semi-trailer trains has significantly reduced fuel consumption by 0.6L/100Km. This result is encouraging and is very much appreciated by transporters.

Of course, the most worrying issue in the use of super single wheels in actual transportation is tire pressure problems. Therefore, vehicles with extra-wide single tires need to be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring module, which ensures that the driver can monitor the pressure condition of each tire at any time, ensuring that Driving safety.

Compared to Europe, North America is more inclined to use 6x4 tractors, but this does not affect the use of ultra-wide single tires, and the advantages of ultra-wide single tires are also favored by North American truck users. North American Volvo Trucks, Freightliner Trucks, Stirling Trucks and Canada's White Volvo Trucks are all offering ultra-wide single tire options.

to sum up:

Although ultra-wide single tires are used for the drive wheels, although developed countries in Europe and the United States have already used them more maturely, this is still a new thing in China. HOWOA7 tractors of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. as well as joint heavy trucks of the car have all launched tractors with ultra-wide single tires. For users to buy.

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