Precautions when discharging gas

1. When discharging gas, the power supply must be cut off in the return air system, and personnel should be withdrawn. Except for the alert personnel and the tile inspector, other personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the return air system.

2. The discharge of gas through the electrical equipment in the roadway must be designated to cut off the power and lock, this work is organized by the Mechanical and Electrical Department.

3. The gas test in the process of discharging gas before and discharging gas must use an optical gas detector.

4. When discharging gas, if you need to stop the local fan, you must check the gas concentration within 10m near the local fan and its switch. Only when the gas concentration does not exceed 0.4%, the local fan can be activated.

5. After the local ventilator is started, it is necessary to check the operation of the local ventilator, and it is strictly forbidden to generate circulating air from the local ventilator.

6. The phenomenon of “one wind blowing” is strictly forbidden during the discharge process.

7, the discharge inspection process in addition to the normal methane gas and carbon dioxide in vitro, the oxygen concentration must also check the point of discharge, found that the oxygen concentration is less than 18%, the discharge must be stopped, the job allowed to enter the anoxic zone.

8. The ventilation department should arrange for a special person to set a warning at the entrance to the exhaust gas flow. Any unrelated personnel are strictly forbidden to enter.

9. During the process of discharging gas, the personnel involved in the discharge of gas must obey the command of the person in charge of the site. It is strictly forbidden to leave the post, and it is strictly forbidden to take risks. It is strictly forbidden to enter the roadway through which the gas flow flows.

10. During the process of discharging gas, the person in charge of the site and the wind turbine must strictly control the amount of air sent in, and control the amount of gas and carbon dioxide emitted by controlling the amount of air sent in. The gas concentration in the return airflow of the full-pressure roadway is strictly prohibited to exceed 0.6. %, it is strictly forbidden to take risks.

11. In the process of discharging gas, personnel in each position must adhere to their posts, concentrate their energies, and conscientiously perform their duties.

12. During the process of discharging gas, when the gas inspectors at each point find that the gas concentration is close to 0.6%, they immediately notify the contact person, and the liaison officer informs the air compressor to control the air volume sent by the gas.

13. After the roadway resumes normal ventilation, the electrician in the roadway must be inspected by the electrician of the operation team. After confirming that the electrical equipment is in good condition, the electric power can be restored by the full-time electrician of the operation team.

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