"Made in China" Double PTA Breakthrough

China Drying Network China's self-developed PTA process has achieved double breakthroughs in device scale and equipment localization. On April 15, the 1.5 million-ton/year PTA project of Jiangsu Honggang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. completed all the installations and completed the installation of the machinery. This is the largest capacity PTA plant built by China Kunlun Engineering Co., Ltd. with its own PTA process. More than 80% of domestically-made equipment also makes this unit the highest domestically produced PTA plant, marking China's autonomous technology PTA plant in process technology, scale There have been new breakthroughs in the localization of equipment and equipment.

PTA is the main raw material for the polyester (PET) industry. The PTA device is a large-scale chemical device with typical and complex high-temperature, high-pressure, and strong-corrosion technologies, which is intensively intensive and capital-intensive. After that, the core technology and equipment have been monopolized by foreign companies. Over the years, the development of the PTA industry in the Mainland of China has been completely dependent on the introduction of technology and complete sets of equipment from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and other countries, and the technology transfer fee has been as high as US$1 million per 10,000 tons.

According to the introduction of China Kunlun Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly China Textile Industry Design Institute), which undertakes technology transfer, engineering design and technical services for this project, in order to get rid of PTA know-how, in 2002, Kunlun Company organized joint research on production, teaching and research and developed independent intellectual property rights. Large-scale PTA plant technology and complete sets of equipment, this project has received special funding support from the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission and China National Petroleum Corporation. In 2003, Kunlun Company carried out industrialization experiments based on the 80,000-ton/year PTA plant of Jinan Zhenghao Chemical Fiber Company and completed the development of a complete technology package for the 600,000-ton/year PTA plant. At the same time, they cooperated with domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers to complete the development of key PTA equipment, such as centrifugal compressor + steam turbine + exhaust gas expander “three in one” process air compressor unit developed by Shengu Group, Nanjing Baoti Developed PX oxidation reactor, hydrotreating reactor developed by China Duplex and South China Chemicals, CTA and PTA dryer developed by Jinxi Chemicals. In 2009, Kunlun Co., Ltd. cooperated with Pengwei Petrochemical and adopted self-developed technology and complete sets of equipment to build the first domestically produced 900,000-tonne PTA demonstration project, successfully breaking the monopoly of foreign technology in this field.

The Hong Kong PTA project contract for the completion of the installation took effect in June 2011, and the basic design review of the project was successfully completed in November of that year. Kunlun Company expanded energy amplification on the basis of the original PTA process production line, solved the technical difficulties in the process of device expansion one by one, and optimized and improved the process flow, so that the PTA's proprietary technology became more and more perfect.

It is understood that compared with the introduction of the device over the same period, the investment in the PTA device using the Kunlun Technology Package will save 40% of the investment, and the product quality will be better than the national standard. The achievements will reach the international advanced level, among which PX consumption and other major technologies Economic indicators are at the leading international level. The scale of the domestically-built PTA plant reached 1.5 million tons/year and it has reached the world-class scale. The application and promotion of China's independent PTA technology and complete sets of equipment have milestone significance for the development of domestic chemical fiber, PTA and related industries, and the localization of major technical equipment.

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