Introduction to various mineral processing technologies

Iron : 1. Ore crushing; 2. Grinding crafts; 3. Sorting technology; 4. Sintering pellet technology;

Manganese : mechanical selection (including beneficiation , screening, re-election, strong magnetic separation and flotation), as well as fire method and chemical beneficiation.

Chromium : It uses a titanium jumping machine, a shaker, a spiral concentrator, a centrifugal concentrator and a belt chute. It is also sorted by hydraulics.

Titanium vanadium magnetite: The magnetic sound is carried out after magnetically selecting the magnetite concentrate through a magnetic separation process of grinding, coarse, fine and sweeping.

Copper : methods such as flotation, magnetic separation, re-election, or wet smelting.

Lead Zinc: General magnetic - floating, heavy - floating joint processing methods and the like - the floating weight - magnetic.

Aluminum : Generally used by hand.

Nickel : 1, flotation; 2, using crushing, sieving and other processes to remove the bulk rock with low nickel content and low nickel content.

Cobalt : 1, flotation; 2, using crushing, sieving and other processes to remove the bulk rock with low degree of differentiation and low nickel content.

Tungsten: According to the ore type tungsten ore dressing, it is divided into black tungsten and white tungsten . The ore dressing methods include hand selection, re-election, flotation, magnetic separation, and electrification.

Tin : The beneficiation method is gravity ore dressing and flotation process.

Molybdenum : mainly flotation.

Mercury : There are hand selection, re-election and flotation, among which flotation is widely used and most effective.

锑 : There are mainly methods such as hand selection, re-election, and flotation.

Platinum group: 1, reasonable ball, using a suitable cyclone classification; 2, recovery rate.

Gold : Gold is extremely low in ore. To extract gold, it is necessary to crush and grind the ore and separate the gold by mineral processing. Mainly re-election and flotation.

Silver : 1, flotation method; 2, single flotation method and float-re-election method, flotation cyanidation process, of which flotation is the most important.

Niobium, tantalum, beryllium lithium: hand-selected method, flotation, or chemical - joint flotation method, warm election law, election law radioactive, mineral particles floating method.

锶 : The most common method used in the lapis lazuli beneficiation of the heavy stone society. The most common structural process is the jigging-shaker-based process.

Rare earth metal: Generally, magnetic separation and flotation are used to obtain about 60% of the concentrate containing rare earth oxide.

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