In the next few years, the domestic LED industry will usher in the golden period of Kaifeng, Henan

A few days ago, the relevant authorities said that in the next three to five years, China's LED products exports will maintain an average annual growth rate of 40, of which the growth rate of the European and American markets slowed down, and the growth rate of emerging markets such as Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East was strong. According to industry analysts, the current export trend of LED products is strong, and the domestic market potential is also huge. In the next few years, the domestic LED industry is expected to usher in a golden period of explosive growth. The LED market has a bright future, which is undoubtedly good for a large number of LED companies in the city, such as Dehao Optoelectronics, Balas Optoelectronics, and Macao Optoelectronics. However, it is important to pay attention to the fact that at present, the core technology of the LED industry is basically in the hands of European and American enterprises. Most of the domestic LED enterprises are at the low end of the industrial chain of processing and production, and they are deeply involved in the competition of product homogenization market, facing increasingly fierce product price wars. The challenge is to withstand greater development pressure. In this context, Kaifeng LED enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises that start shortly, must grasp the industrial development opportunities and accelerate development, and must withstand severe tests. How to solve the problem of product homogenization market competition should cause enough Pay attention to it. The most direct and effective way to get rid of the product homogenization market competition is to upgrade the technology and achieve high-end products. It can also be unique in product design and production, and seek product differentiation. However, with the increasing number of domestic LED companies and increasingly close communication, it is becoming more and more difficult to seek product differentiation. In addition, the core technology of the industry is difficult to master, and the road to technological innovation is still quite long. Therefore, domestic LED enterprises should solve product homogenization. Market competition issues need to be looked at elsewhere. After the reform and opening up, the reason why domestic enterprises, especially domestic private enterprises, survived and developed in the fierce competition with foreign-funded enterprises has not relied on technological upgrading. Marketing mix innovation has actually played an important role. Through marketing portfolio innovation, domestic enterprises have pushed many marketing strategies such as channel warfare, advertising warfare, and terminal warfare to the extreme, effectively weakening the quality disadvantage of homogenized products in market competition, upgrading technology, adding value to products, and realizing more. High-level development has won valuable time. This point, the city's LED companies should learn from. At the same time, under the condition of product homogenization, the customer takes the product price as the main purchase standard, and the drawbacks of the price war are amplified. Practice has proved that if enterprises want to avoid price wars, they need to work on product extension services to provide customers with a complete set of solutions besides the products themselves, such as pre-sale engineering design, installation, technical guidance, marketing and business training. Wait. At present, some LED companies in Kaifeng City have tried in these aspects, but still lack system planning and need further improvement. Of course, in order to achieve sustainable development, the LED enterprises in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, still need to achieve breakthroughs in technology. However, in terms of the current development status and the situation of LED enterprises in Kaifeng City, it is the first step in marketing and service. Perhaps it is a big step for enterprises to achieve leapfrog development.

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