Horse Brand Tire: Tire will be produced from all-natural materials by 2020

The German Continental Brand Tire Company recently predicted that by 2020 automotive tires will be made from 100% renewable raw materials. However, the company also stated that finding an acceptable substitute for the materials that are commonly used today is a "rising road."

Boris Meiger, head of materials and process technology at Continental, said that the content of non-petroleum-based materials in modern tires is around 45%, but increasing to 100% is not an overnight move. This is because not all raw materials for tires can be replaced with renewable materials. In many cases, some renewable materials can have a negative effect on braking performance or rolling resistance.

For this reason, ChemChina's chemists are currently working on a series of research projects, including the use of rapeseed oil instead of fossil source processing oil, and rayon as a reinforcing material instead of polyester fiber. In addition, the company is increasing the amount of reclaimed rubber recovered from waste tires to replace fresh synthetic rubber and natural rubber. They are still working on using dandelion latex to produce rubber and using white carbon instead of carbon black. Allegedly, these efforts may turn 20% of the tire's material into natural materials.

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