High-speed measurement technology and instrument won the first prize of scientific and technological progress

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, the "high-speed multi-axis high-resolution laser interferometry technology and instrument" completed by Li Yan, Yan, Wu Xuejian, Zhang Hongyuan, Zhang Jitao, Zhao Shijie, Zhu Minzhen, Huang Pei, Ren Libing and Yang Honglei of Tsinghua University. The project won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Institute of Metrology and Testing in 2018.

Metrology is the foundation of science and technology and a tool for human beings to understand the world. The three technological revolutions in human history are closely related to the breakthrough of measurement and testing technology. The measurement and testing of scientific and technological achievements is an important promotion and leading to the advancement and development of other science and technology. effect. Laser interferometry is one of the most effective means to achieve ultra-precision measurement and control and micro-nano-scale measurement. It is an important way to ensure traceable nanometer measurement, and is also a key measurement and testing technology that is indispensable for measuring power and manufacturing.
The project team conducted in-depth measurement principles, methods and measurement system instruments for ultra-precision positioning of lithography machine workpiece tables, basic metrology measurement and high-end instrument applications for high-dynamic, high-resolution, cross-scale and traceable measurement requirements of laser interferometers. Research on common scientific and technological problems in the process, breaking through key technologies such as integrated multi-axis interference, signal demodulation and refractive index compensation, forming a complete set of independent high-performance laser interferometry systems; proposing a series of laser interferometry traceable to length or frequency reference The method realizes high-precision measurement with uncertainty of skin and nanometer scale; forms a series of knowledge product achievements, and the research results support the high-precision positioning of China's independent research and development lithography machine, signal demodulation of laser vibrometer, etc. It was incorporated into the national “Twelfth Five-Year” Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition.
The project realized the high-speed, multi-axis large-range, high-resolution laser interferometry system developed from the interferometer component, signal detection and demodulation to the multi-degree of freedom detection scheme design, and proposed the optical frequency traceable serialization. Laser interference precision length measurement method. Up to now, the project has been authorized to invent more than 20 patents and published more than 30 papers in SCI.
In addition, the dual-frequency laser interferometer system developed by the project team has been successfully applied to the research and development process of the self-developing lithography machine workpiece table prototype. More than 50 sets have been applied, which is very satisfactory for the lithography machine. The precision measurement requirements of the workpiece table prototype support the formation of the dual-frequency laser interferometer capability for domestic lithography machines, reduce the dependence on foreign high-end interferometers, and provide excellent performance and unacceptable for the development of high-end equipment and instruments in China. Measurement and traceability.
The Science and Technology Progress Award of China Metrology and Testing Society is a provincial-level scientific and technological progress award registered in the National Science and Technology Awards Office. The project that declares the first prize requires that the overall technology has been formally applied for more than three years and has achieved greater economic or social benefits. At present, the products have been successfully applied to aerospace, automobile manufacturing, machine tool testing and other fields, and become a powerful supporting tool for improving the quality of Chinese manufactured products.
(Source: Science and Technology Daily, Yishang.com, Tsinghua University)

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