China's truck industry is bigger and stronger in the parts industry

China's truck industry is developing rapidly. The production and sales of tens of thousands of trucks a year can't be said to be a big part of China's truck industry. From big to strong, it is the most serious task facing it. There are different opinions about how China's truck industry is becoming bigger and stronger. Industry professionals believe that the key is to look at components .

As we all know, 75% or more of a truck's work is done by parts factories. "What we produce is nothing more than a shell," said a manager of an auto plant. Parts with high quality do not necessarily produce high-quality trucks, but high-quality trucks must be supported by high-quality components. This is the basis. A part has problems, the vehicle is defective, and it faces a recall. .

Since the second half of 2012, the competition in the truck market has become more intense. Surveys show that nearly half of the dealers have suffered losses. Under such dangerous conditions, truck quality and price are of critical importance. Parts will have high costs and poor quality, and the entire vehicle will lose competition. Force, it will face out. Although automakers have absolute right to speak for parts and components companies, it is undeniable that many cutting-edge technologies come first from parts factories, second- and third-tier suppliers, even raw material suppliers, or from these suppliers. The reason why the world-famous leading truck company has excellent product quality, its strong industrial foundation and the strong components system of many multinational corporations play a decisive role. Imagine that the core parts of our own brands use foreign products and face the danger of “hollowing out.” The greater the production and sales, the more people will contribute to others, and it will be difficult to make Chinese trucks more powerful. In today's globalization, not everything is done by oneself, but at least in the global division of labor, the position, role and proportion of China's truck parts industry in the global truck industry chain should be more important and larger. some.

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