Camera positioning laser cutting machine laser, automation and artificial vision intelligent technology

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In order to solve the on-site needs of special-shaped trademarks and type processing methods, Han's Yueming Lasers has used the most advanced DSP technology and the world's leading camera positioning and image recognition system, successfully developed a camera positioning laser cutting machine, and provided a complete set of Shaped cutting solution.
The camera positioning laser cutting machine uses the software design of the shortest cutting path. Using the camera positioning system, the pattern is taken into the computer through the vision system, and then the workpiece can be automatically searched and accurately positioned for cutting.
Under the collaborative work of the camera positioning vision system and computer software, the camera positioning laser cutting machine can automatically track and compensate the fine tensile deformation of the fabric throughout the entire process to ensure that the cutting is accurate and accurate, thus achieving rapid continuous curve cutting.
The launch of the camera positioning laser cutting machine marks the harmonization of laser technology, automation technology, and artificial visual intelligence technology.
The trademark cutting machine adopts the world's leading recognition technology to realize high-precision visual recognition of 5 million pixels, automatically search for edges, track the edge of the trademark cutting line, or locate feature points, can automatically display mobile shooting continuously, full version automatically cut the trademark, greatly improving The accuracy of the trademark cutting and production efficiency.
The trademark cutting machine is equipped with a variety of identification methods to ensure the high-speed, accurate edge-cutting of the full-page trademark. It is the largest laser cutting machine on the market currently identified. Therefore, the trademark cutting machine is particularly suitable for large-format trademarks and embroidery collars. Automatic identification cutting is widely used in the textile and apparel industry.
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