Bridgestone develops tire manufacturing technology to improve fuel efficiency and durability

On September 7, 2011, the Bridgestone Corporation of Japan announced the new tire manufacturing technology “TRISAVER” developed under the inspiration of the “Retired Tyre (Secondary Used Car and Bus Waste Tire)” method. By extending tire life, enhancing durability, etc., it is hoped that fuel efficiency will be improved and resources will be effectively utilized. The goal of Bridgestone is to realize practicality as soon as possible.

It is reported that the general "vulcanization" process refers to the simultaneous heating and pressure of all materials to increase the elasticity and strength, and the new technology is to modify this way of adding sulfur, which is characterized by the contact with the tread part and the ground The carcass parts used were vulcanized separately and then pasted together.

Bridgestone found that the use of sulfur in the tread and carcass parts of the best rubber results in a 35% reduction in the rolling resistance of the tire and a 50% increase in the life of the tire. In addition, the use of carcasses twice can reduce the use of petroleum resources such as synthetic rubber.

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