Advantages of RFX Vertical Band Saw Machine

Advantages of RFX vertical band saw machine 1.The upper and lower saw wheels are steel wheels, which are more wear-resistant and have longer working life than ordinary casting iron wheels. 2.Saw wheel is made of high quality steel plate by plasma cutting and fine turning, and the precision is better. 3.The sides of saw wheels are equipped with double bearings and thickened shafts, which are more durable than single bearings and will not break the shaft. 4.The bearing of the lower saw wheel is a waterproof bearing, which avoids the damage of the bearing caused by the long-term cooling water, and the working time is longer than the ordinary bearing. 5.Arms support, better stability of saw wheel,the blade not easily tremble, better quality wood cutting. 6.Suspension and bracket are finely grinded and milled, higher precision and better stability. 7.The machine trunk and the machine seat are castings, self heavy and stability. 8.Saw wheel lifting and saw card lifting can be customized for automatic operation, saving labor and improving efficiency.