A man from Qingyuan, Guangdong cuts his wife, mother-in-law, and son with a hog knife

Yesterday, Yangshan County Public Security Bureau informed: The day before yesterday, the village of Lingbei, Lingbei Village, Yangbei County, Yangshan County made a case of life. After receiving the report, the on-duty police rushed to the scene and found two women and a baby boy lying on the ground on the side of a small van and checked by medical staff. All three of them had died.

According to the man Qian Moupu (male, 37 years old, Lingbei Township) who was captured at the scene, confession: At 14 o'clock on January 19th, Qian Moumou returned to his hometown in Lingbei Town from Borrow and saw his wife Cai Mou. The attitude should be indifferent. At the same time, he resolutely proposed that he should leave. He had the idea of ​​killing Cai Mouyi, and he bought a hog knife to hide in the room by driving a motorcycle to the back market.

18:30, Qianmoupu cooked dinner called Cai Yiyi to eat, but Cai Yiyi do not eat, and called Oumou sister (suspected mother-in-law) took the child Qianmou Dong left together, went to the right of the door more than 20 meters Wherever he went, Qian Moue took out a hog knife that had been prepared in advance and killed Ou Moumei, Qian Moudong, and Cai Mouyi.

At present, the criminal suspect Qianmoupu has been detained by the public security organs and the case is under further investigation.

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